The Herdman Healing Sanctuary

The Herdman Healing Sanctuary

 Where magic happens…                                          

The Roundhouse

Here at the sanctuary we have built a beautiful unique and sacred space for the healing modalities we offer. Surrounded by farmland and forest our roundhouse offers a safe and welcoming space for our clients to receive healing. Either shamanic, reiki, or NFSH healing, yoga, meditation or drumming, you are certain to leave refreshed, balanced, peaceful and ready to face the world. The roundhouse was built with much love and welcome all who seek peace and a way forward. 
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Our Approach to Healing

We base our approach on our belief that everyone has the opportunity to heal and recover, through the understanding that the  mind, body and spirit are one. Each of these are a sacred temple and should be treated as such. To achieve healing and optimum health all three must be united, strong and in balance with each other. We incorporate this philosophy into all our courses and healing work, utilising the skills and knowledge we have acquired over the many years we have been practising. Our teachings have a strong emphasis on the practicalities of the healing act, and how to make a safe and strong connection to the source.

We are an accredited training centre with the CMA (The Complementary Medical Association). With our six month Healer Training Course fully accredited.


What Our Clients Say About Us...

“Thank you so much for this evening; what a special experience. The last 15 minutes or so in particular brought some powerful moments for me and I’m so grateful to you both for creating and sharing your wonderful space.”

Jan 2023

“Thank you so much for tonight. It was absolutely lovely to meet you both. and I had such a special time, really beautiful to experience the magical sounds with wholehearted and powerful souls like yourselves.”

Nov 2022

“The sound healing was amazing! That night I had the best sleep of my life and the next day I felt energetic and relaxed at the same time. I also noticed that all the people around me picked up on my positive energy and then where happier too. Thank you so much.”

Aug 2022

“I attended my first ever Gong bath on Tuesday 21st June (Summer Solstice). I had no idea what to expect. The experience completely exceeded my expectations. Such beautiful surroundings, Libby and Martin totally put me at ease and radiated warmth and kindness. When I got home my husband described me as being placid – He’s never described me as being placid before. I cant wait to take part in another Gong bath.”

June 2022

Your Healing Facilitators

Herdman Healing Sanctuary

Martin Herdman

Libby Herdman

Online or In-Person

Our Sanctuary is located just outside Petersfield, in the beautiful village of Froxfield, nestled in the South Downs National Park

    Helen Davis
    I can't believe my luck that this amazing venue - and these wonderful people - are almost on my doorstep! The Herdman Healing Sanctuary is one of the most wonderful places I've had the pleasure to spend time in. Simply stepping inside this beautiful space is a healing experience in itself, and all the events they offer (sound baths, retreat days, drumming, cacao ceremonies, kirtan, etc) are carefully curated to heal, restore and nurture everyone who participates. Even more special are their incredible 2:1 healing sessions (2 of them, one of you). I can't recommend these highly enough as an opportunity to step away from your daily life and make space to open up to whatever form of healing you need, right now. Martin and Libby hold the space beautifully, and the love and compassion that they bring to everything they do - from the physical construction of the Roundhouse to the energetic work they do there and the select group of facilitators they invite to share the space with them - is tangible. I'm lucky enough to live nearby. Even if you don't, this is somewhere worth travelling to!
    Elle Mackenzie
    I felt like I was at a crossroads in my life not so long ago, as I am sure most of us do at some point or the other. I was recommended to see Martin and Libby at Herdman Healing Sanctuary for healing but I really had no idea what to expect. From the moment I arrived, I felt calm and safe. I found myself pouring out emotions and feelings that I had locked away and that I had not consciously realised I was even feeling. I had felt so unhappy for so long and I could not understand why; and Martin and Libby let me express myself without any judgement, and made me feel so safe in doing so. The healing helped me shift so much negative feeling and I went from crying once a year to crying every day for a couple of weeks! I found the strength and courage to be true to myself and make some major life changes and now I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been. I am fully aware that healing is an ongoing process and journey but I am so blessed and grateful I found Martin and Libby, as they will always be a part of my story and my journey and they have changed my life forever. If you are wondering whether healing is for you, I would strongly urge you to let your guard down, give it a try, and you never know what amazing things might happen!
    Benjamin Marshall
    My partner and I had an amazing time at the drumming circle!! Very well held by Martin and Libby. Hope to visit again sometime soon. Awen 🙏🏻🪘
    Marilena Tudorache
    I have been going to the Sanctuary for almost a year now. My ex manager actually organised a lovely gong bath for few of us to go and relax after a manic time at work. I’ve fell in love with the gongs sounds, so I continued to go on and off but not consistently. Then, trying to look for a consistent support for my 18 years old son, I have contacted Martin and Libby and they were more than happy to help us both. I suffer with depression, anxiety and ptsd and my son with ASD, ADHD and couple other small issues. Up to now we have attended both many gong baths, a puja evening ( amazingly relaxing for both of us) and my son goes frequently to Boxing therapy with Martin. I have also decided to start my journey as a healer with them and sign on the Reiki course level 1. The Sanctuary is an amazing place, you do feel safe and relaxed after each session.There is something for everyone and kids are more then welcomed. Both Martin and Libby are amazing worm people, supportive, non judgmental and building a Legacy that will be with us and our kids forever. I highly recommend to have a peak on the website and take part in this amazing Community and what these two lovely people offer.Their teachings of how to have a better life, learn to be kind to ourselves and love and be grateful for everything that surrounds us. Will be back with another to let you know how the Reiki course was :).
    Fiona Hunt
    I have now attended the full moon gong bath and a couple of healing circles and Libby and Martin are the most amazing, calm, welcoming hosts. They put you completely at ease regardless of your experience and as soon as you enter the Roundhouse any stress evaporates. I would highly recommend anyone to attend any of their offerings to experience a deep calming journey which we all need in our busy lives.
    Linda Sewell
    An idyllic setting, this sanctuary has been created with so much love and dedication. Martin and Libby are wonderful healers and have created a safe space that is serene and uplifting. They bring so much wisdom into their teaching, and they offer wonderful courses. I am so grateful to have benefitted from being there. The gong bath was so special. Thank you!
    Alison Niddrie
    I've now been to the moon gong bath/sound healing twice. Martin and Libby are unbelievably warm and welcoming and the round house has the most beautiful energy. It's a wonderful place to go and take time out for some self-care. I highly recommend it.
    Karen Bazazan noghani
    A wonderful oasis of love healing and comfort. Libby and Martin are the epitome of perfect hosts mixed with the most loving caring and spiritual people you could ever wish to meet. The puuja i attended for the spring equinox was incredible. All night they worked so hard to provide 10 hours of healing sound and a wonderful experience for all. Cannot recommend highly enough. Put it on your to (must) do list.
    Nesb Nazarkewych
    a reset for the soul. every time I come to The Herdman Healing Sanctuary, I leave recentered. Libby and Martin put their hearts into each session they hold. The community is so caring, open-minded and open-hearted. I would recommend The Herdman Healing Sanctuary to all - there is something here each of us.
    melissa simm (QuirkyCow)
    My partner and I have shared Martin and Libby's Sanctuary from the beginning of it's foundations. We have been privileged to be able witness it's evolution into the beautiful space that it has become. With Martin and Libby's passionate commitment to share the gifts of healing in all forms that it may come. From Yoga to Gong Baths, music and storytelling. The Sanctuary offers a place of peace and love inspired by its surrounding nature.

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