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Martin and Libby

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The Herdman Healing Sanctuary

Our approach

We base our Approach on our philosophy and belief that everyone has the power to heal themselves and others from within, through the mind, body and spirit. To achieve healing and optimum health all three must be united, strong and in balance with each other. We incorporate this philosophy into all our courses utilising the skills and knowledge we have acquired over the many years we have been practising.

Part of each course involves reflection of self and teachings which enable us to “Get out of the way” in order to allow healing to take place. 

There is a strong emphasis on the practicalities of the healing act and how to make a safe and strong connection in order to optimise the benefits of healing.

Some of Our Services


Yoga Meditation




Martin Herdman

Libby Herdman

Online or in Person

Our Sanctuary is located just outside Petersfield, in the beautiful village of Froxfield, nestled in the south downs national park

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“Martin helped me realise my potential through hypnotherapy”

— Colin 

“Thanks so much for this weekend. I had the nicest of times. I hve been looking at the world with new eyes. It’s like my heart has opened. Even colours are more vibrant.”

— Melissa

“Thank you so much for your hospitality..    such an amazing weekend ….    Life changing experience…. Kind regards 

— Kate 

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