Healing Course 2022/2023

Herdman Healing Sanctuary and Wellness Centre in Petersfield.

We are delighted to be offering a six month healing course. This is held at the sanctuary one weekend a month for six months. At the end of the course you will have developed the basic skills and understanding a healer needs to start the journey into helping others. The course is intense and also very much fun with homework between each session. The course requires an openness of self-reflection. We cannot begin to heal others until we heal ourselves. The course is also very hands on, you will be practising healing on others and learning very quickly how to connect with this work. As this is a very practical teaching Martin and Libby limit these courses to a maximum of eight people

It is Martin’s and Libby’s intention that after this course you will have the tools and confidence to start your journey into making this world a better, healthier, and happier  place.

Dates & times 2022/2023

12th & 13th November

3rd & 4th December

14th & 15th January 2023

11th & 12th February

11th & 12th March

15th & 16th April

Weekend (Sat & Sun) courses are 10am to 5pm

Course start date to be confirmed.

Price for the course is £1440 this includes refreshments, lunch and all course materials. A £200 deposit is required to secure a place. The balance is due a week before the course starts.

For more information or to book your place,
email or please do give us a call on 01730 827165 or 07790012368

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Deepening your connection to spirit through ancient rituals and ceremony

2 Day Workshop 19th & 20th November  2022.  Cost £200

Aim of the Course:

To understand some of the ritualistic processes to deepen your connection to source.

To deepen your connection to the spirit world

Course Content:

During the course we will be exploring different ways of deepening our spiritual connection through Grounding and Attuning, Meditations, sound vibrations, the making and understanding of Mandalas, and the purpose of the ceremony and making the bundle.

Who is it aimed at:

Established Healers who are helping others.

What does a Mandala symbolise:

As a symbol of the cosmos or universe, a traditional mandala is a square containing a circle, and the entire design is symmetrical and balanced. Some spiritual traditions use the mandalas for meditation or for making a spiritual space. Etymologically “mandala” is derived from Sanskrit words “mandala” – essence. And “La” – container. Referring to a “container of essence” that embodies various literal and metaphoric symbols.


June 2022

My heart opened over the weekend and I felt Love for the first time since a child – Penny

Thank you for such a wonderful weekend – Sue 

Herdman Healing Sanctuary

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