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Puja's & Ceremonies 2024

Here at the Herdman Healing Sanctuary we are excited to offer Puja & ceremonies throughout the year.

Gong Puja’s will be held at the solstices and equinoxes four times a year.

What is a Sound Healing Puja?

A Puja is an ancient ceremony of worship and spiritual celebration often performed at significant times of the year. Our Puja sound healing journeys last 11 hours and take place throughout the night, whilst the participants experience transformative sleeping with healing frequencies.

In Sanskrit a puja focuses on the idea of adoration, honour, worship and devotion to the divine. A Puja is also the practice of receiving divine love from your creator.

An opportunity to be held in Ceremony for an entire night at our beautiful sanctuary. Bathing in sound frequency, healing on deep cellular levels. the event will be hosted by Martin and Libby, brining you a truly unique soul experience.

This night can help with all kinds of healing such as…

Deep relaxation, stress relief, awakening, inner peace, improved sleep, calmer mind, anxiety, opening intuition, balancing hormones, improved immunity, improved concentration, reduce blood pressure, stimulates energy flow, harmonise the chakras, removes negativity, enhance well-being.

Please note, Sound Healing and Gong Baths are not recommended during pregnancy, if you have a life limiting condition, a pacemaker, suffer from seizures, or any sound sensitive condition. Please check before booking if you have any concerns about your health.

We will start the event with a fire ceremony. This will be a ritual of letting go, creating space to make new intentions for the coming months. When we release what doesn’t serve us, we clear life’s path for a new direction. From there we will settle down for transformative nights sleep. Finishing at 7:30am with morning herbal tea and share for those who wish to stay on.

A Puja can be deeply restorative, transformational and cleansing for the participant. Safe and secure the night will be the ultimate selfcare for the Mind Body & Soul

Summer Solstice Puja Friday 21st June

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Deepening your connection to spirit through ancient rituals and ceremony

2 Day Workshop: 11th & 12th May 2024

Aim of the Course:

To understand some of the ritualistic processes to deepen your connection to source.

To deepen your connection to the spirit world

Course Content:

During the course we will be exploring different ways of deepening our spiritual connection through Grounding and Attuning, Meditations, sound vibrations, the making and understanding of Mandalas, and the purpose of the ceremony and making the bundle.

Who is it aimed at:

Established Healers who are helping others.

To book a space please visit the events page.


My heart opened over the weekend and I felt Love for the first time since a child – Penny

Thank you for such a wonderful weekend – Sue 

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