Naturopathic nutrition is a lifestyle that helps us to reach our optimum state of health using food, supplements, plants and naturopathic techniques.

Libby uses the traditional Chinese philosophy and ancient Celtic healing methods to diagnose and heal the body, mind and emotions. The naturopathic lifestyle is about hydration at a cellular level as well as eating foods that have a healing effect.

A naturopathic way of life works with the seasons and nature to understand what the body needs to heal.
The naturopathic philosophy is a healing system which addresses spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness.

Libby will take you through a unique holistic approach to wellbeing, which includes a 6 session course to guide you on your path to a healthier and more vital lifestyle.

Naturopathy - Herdman Healing Sanctuary

Naturopathy in Petersfield by Herdman Healing Sanctuary