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Martin Herdman

Martin has been a healer for over 25 years and has trained in and uses, Shamanic Healing, hypnotherapy, Spiritual healing, sound or vibrational healing, Journey work, counseling, Spiritual cleansing, and physical emotional healing as part of his regular practice.

Martin was drawn to healing after the onset of his Mothers terminal illness. He realized that there must be a way to help suffering in an alternative holistic way when conventional medicine fails us. This is not to say that conventional medicine does not work, of course it helps many people.

Martin’s curiosity in these healing arts has led him over the years to learn and practice many of these modalities. Martin has worked at the prestigious Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary in Shere for over five years, at Barnes healing Church in south London for three years and he has had his own practice for 15 years. He has studied and qualified in many different forms of healing and draws on his varied knowledge to help people recover and to start them on their own spiritual journey.

Libby Herdman

Libby’s passion for healing others began when she enrolled as a nurse at the age of 18. Her drive to help others led her to qualify as a teacher in 2002. After many years of practising Bikram yoga Libby began her spiritual journey and became more interested in a holistic approach to health. Libby then qualified as a Yoga and meditation instructor in Bali, where she found her passion for the eight limbs of Yoga. External disciplines, internal disciplines, asana/posture, breath control, withdrawal of the senses, concentration, meditation and union with self. Libby’s passion in the healing world is about supporting and teaching others self healing.

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Libby is also a Reiki Master, Counsellor, Sound Healer and Naturopath.

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