The Herdman Healing Sanctuary

At this time in history, there is an amazing opportunity for groups of people to come together in the heart with the collective intention to create beneficial changes for humanity and our planet. However, many people are feeling helpless looking at the world situation. The ongoing turmoil of the Ukraine war,  political and religious polarization and hatred, climate change, inflation, the pandemic, gun violence and more are challenging their ability to sustain hope.

The upside of these challenges is that more and more people are going to their hearts to try to find direction, especially because there seems to be nowhere else to go. More of us are recognizing we need to be kinder, to care more and to have compassion if we want to get along with each other and dissipate the walls of separation. The global heart is awakening and can help with this.
The power of collective intention is not a new concept. Throughout history positive social change often started from a small group.
Lynne McTaggart, one of the most respected researchers on collective intention, found that even a small number of people coming together with a collective heart intention can work wonders. Gandhi started the movement of nonviolence with small communities in India. Martin Luther King started the civil rights movement with a small group.

New paradigms are needed now for humanity to thrive and live more peacefully together – and this starts with small groups empowering a collective heart intention. Researchers at the University of Arizona and other institutions have shown that the effectiveness of intention gets amplified in a group. Researchers did experiments bringing together small groups of Arabs and Jews, Republicans and Democrats, and other groups who were at odds with each other. They saw their differences melt when they did an exercise to hear each other more deeply and then focused on a collective altruistic intention they could agree on. It’s the heart that spoke to them and broke through the separation. In numerous experiments, researchers saw a measurable beneficial effect on both the receivers of collective heart intention and especially the senders.

GCI has created a Global Coherence app where people can form a private group to come together in heart coherence and energize a collective intention. As group member’s hearts, minds, and emotions resonate in coherent alignment, this allows more spirit and heart energy to move through their individual and collective intentions. Sending love and compassionate care helps to soften the energetic field that connects us all, making it easier for others to feel a deeper resonant connection in their heart.
We can come together to create the difference we want to see, rather than waiting for something to happen. The opportunity for conscious groups at this time of global challenge is to leverage the power of collective intention. Each person’s emotions, attitudes and intentions affect the energetic field. Therefore, a first step in increasing the power of collective intention is for each of us to take more personal responsibility for our own energies. Then, when we join with others to heart-empower a collective intention, such as doing a Care Focus together, we know we’re creating the difference we want to see.
We’re faced with a global situation now, where to change the present trajectory we finally need to create a new baseline of love, care and kindness. We need to replace our judgments with compassionate latitude, realizing that people are doing the best they can from where they’re coming from, given the extreme pressures and indecisions of these times. Opening our hearts more is the remedy for moving us through this bottleneck. We can do this as we join with each other in collective heart-based intentions to create this much needed change.